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Having the opportunity to travel and explore Albania, is equal to the very essence of life. Blessed to work in the tourism field linked with a great passion for adventure. In motorcycle rental Albania, we try to share this passion with others who are always chasing the next adventure. Motoralb is a combination of motorcycle experts with specialists in the tourism field. This gives us a lead in offering a very high quality expertise and meeting the requirements of motorcycle adventure enthusiasts from all over the world.

We invite you to join us in exploring this ideal region for motorcycle tours and share with us the passion for adrenaline that this adventure offers.
Our agency can be considered as one of the first and only in Albania with a standard of European level of professionalism in this field.

"As a seasoned biker and adventure enthusiast, I had the best time exploring Albania with's guided tours. The staff was very knowledgeable and accommodating, the riders were very friendly and the motorbikes were amazing. Of course, I highly recommend to anyone looking for an unforgettable adventure!"

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Mark Young
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You can enjoy your vacation in Tirana on a motorbike or make your guided trips in the Balkans region hassle-free with We offer BMW GS and Harley Davidson motorcycles for rent, as well as all necessary accessories for your rental.

There are four ways you can always have discounts with MotorAlb:

  1. Plan travel outside of our highest peak demand periods, which are typically May – September.
  2. Bring friends – Groups of 3 or more bikes enjoy a 10% discount on rentals and a 5% discount on tours during several months of the year.
  3. Ride longer – The longer you ride the greater the Discount. Our pricing is set up to give you greater value.
  4. Package & Save – Package your motorcycle rental with our Motorcycle User-Friendly Website and enjoy 10% – 30% Discount.

Our Guided tours cost between 1000 and 5000 Eur, depending on the trip’s size and duration. The cost covers everything you’ll need during your stay, including bike rentals, fuel, meals, drinks, accommodations, and entry fees. The only thing not included is the flight cost. We also offer monthly pre-payment plans starting at 500Eu/month.

We offer four favorite guided tours that vary in length. The Mountains & Lakes tour lasts for two days, while the UNESCO and Albanian Riviera tour lasts for four days. The Authentic & Panorama tour is a six-day adventure, and the Balkan Panorama tour is an eleven-day journey.

We actually have an entire travel guide dedicated to motorcycle and outdoor training. This travel guide is so robust in training, that you’d be able to explore Albania in any terrain. If you’d like more info on that, call us now and have more information.

Albania is the perfect country to explore on a bike, with respect from fellow bikers and surprises awaiting you around every corner. By taking advantage of’s guided tours, you can have a completely unique experience in Albania!


Our agency can be considered as one of the first and only in Albania with a standard of European level of professionalism in this field.

We can customize any type of request, from well-organized guided tours, self-guided tours or motorbike rental.



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