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4 days / 4 riding days

Unesco & Albanian Riviera Motorcycle Tour in Albania

Are you ready for a 4-day adventure through some of the most beautiful regions of Albania? Let me introduce you to our itinerary...
First up, we have Tirana to Gjirokaster, a 240 km ride that will take you through the stunning Vjosa river valley, also known as the ``Blue Heart of Europe``. You'll see olive-covered hills, the imposing Tepelene Castle, and the Drino River before arriving in Gjirokaster, also known as the City of Stone. Here, you'll stay in a converted traditional house-hotel. Next, we have a 160 km ride from Gjirokaster to Butrint and Himare, where you'll visit the UNESCO-listed Butrint archaeological site and explore the beautiful Albanian Riviera, with its stunning Mediterranean landscapes. In the evening, you'll have the opportunity to discover Albanian polyphonic songs, also part of UNESCO, and spend the night in Himare by the sea. On day three, we travel 190 km from Himare to Berat, passing through picturesque villages and breathtaking coastal views. You'll also climb to an altitude of 1000 m to explore the Llogara National Park, offering an alpine landscape. Once in Berat, you'll discover the rich history of this 2400-year-old city, also known as the ``City of a Thousand Windows``. You'll stay in another traditional house-hotel. Finally, on the last day, we have a 120 km ride from Berat to Tirana. Along the way, you'll pass by numerous lakes, typical villages, and colorful farmland. You'll stop for a refreshing drink by one of the many lakes near Belsh before reaching the capital city of Tirana, where we'll end our journey. Are you excited about discovering the natural and cultural treasures of Albania? Book now and join us for a unique adventure!

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UNESCO & ALBANIAN RIVIERA TOUR - Motorcycle Tour in Albania

3 nights | 100 – 200 km/day


1. Tirane-Gjirokaster (240km) 

2. Gjirokaster-Butrint-Himare (160 km)

3. Himare – Berat (190 km)

4. Berat – Belsh – Tirane ( 120 km)



  • Airport transfers on arrival and departure
  • Experienced guide on a motorcycle
  • ‘Photo & video memories’ package by MotorAlb
  • BMW GS motorcycle with hard/lockable case(s)
  • Support vehicle that carries spare motorcycle, your luggage and oversized purchases; can accommodate up to two passengers
  • All accommodation for the tour (5 nights) in beautiful hotels
  • All breakfasts for the tour
  • All dinners except on rest days; most of them in traditional local restaurants
  • All water and soft drinks during included dinners
  • All gasoline/petrol for the tour
  • All entrances to National and Nature Parks according to tour itinerary
  • All ferry rides according to the tour itinerary
  • Tour guidebook with descriptions, maps and highlighted routes by day

Air ticket, most lunches, tolls, personal spending, tips and all not mentioned as included

1. Tirana-Gjirokaster (240 km): Our journey begins in the morning as we set out to reach the enchanting city of Gjirokaster. Throughout today’s ride, we’ll be treated to captivating views of the Vjosa River valley, often referred to as the “Blue Heart of Europe.” Fields adorned with crops, olive-covered hills, the imposing Tepelena Castle, and the Drinos River will all be part of today’s adventure before we arrive in Gjirokaster. This UNESCO-listed city, also known as the “Stone City,” awaits with its rich history and unique charm. Accommodation will be in one of the transformed traditional grand houses, now charming hotels.

2. Gjirokaster-Butrint-Himare (160 km): Our morning takes us to the archaeological site of Butrint. Along the way, winding roads, stunning landscapes, citrus orchards, and a unique ferry with a crane await as we cross the Vivari Channel connecting the Ionian Sea to Lake Butrint. The UNESCO-listed Butrint Archaeological Site unfolds as we journey through different civilizations, dating from the 8th century BC to the 19th century AD. Next, we venture into one of Albania’s most beautiful regions, the Albanian Riviera. Mediterranean landscapes accompany us as we head to Himare, where you’ll have the chance to discover Albanian polyphonic singing, also a UNESCO heritage. Overnight stay in Himare by the sea.

3. Himare-Berat (190 km): Leaving Himare, we continue along the Riviera’s winding roads. As we travel, we pass through charming Riviera villages, offering breathtaking views over the Ionian Sea’s turquoise expanse. Climbing to an elevation of 1000 meters, the landscape changes drastically as we enter the alpine terrain of LLogara National Park, a stark contrast to the coastal scenery. Arriving in Berat, you’ll uncover the history of this ancient city, which boasts a 2400-year-old legacy. Berat, known as the “City of a Thousand Windows,” is another UNESCO gem. Overnight stay in one of the traditional houses turned charming hotels.

4. Berat-Belsh-Tirana (120 km): Our morning journey takes us back to Tirana. Today’s ride is characterized by winding roads, numerous lakes, picturesque villages, and cultivated farmland that paints a colorful quilt. A refreshing break by one of the many lakes in the Belsh area will rejuvenate us. Continuing our journey to Tirana, we’ll traverse a panoramic road with stunning views. Our adventure concludes with our arrival in Tirana, marking the end of this delightful journey.

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