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Albania and Region

Albania and Region


A few words about the Western Balkans region:
The countries we operate are: Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.
This area is characterized by a Mediterranean climate. Two seas (Adriatic and Ionian) with the amazing Blue turquoise water colors, offer us scenic views. High mountain winding roads refreshing forests give us the necessary adrenaline and fun. River valleys offering relax and amazing landscapes during motorcycle tours, ancient authentic rich culture. Mediterranean delicious food as well as a special hospitality. The terrain of this region is suitable for any type of Motorbike: Road, Off Road, Enduro, etc.
This region has not yet been massively explored. Is time to have a unique experience.


Our agency can be considered as one of the first and only in Albania with a standard of European level of professionalism in this field.

We can customize any type of request, from well-organized guided tours, self-guided tours or motorbike rental.



Monday-Sunday: 9am to 5pm;
Rruga e Barrikadave P.9, Tirana 1017
+355 68 65 57 477